Vaccine Passports

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Post by Kristoff »

Good idea? Ordinarily I’d say yes. Bollocks to whether you hurt anti-vaxer feelings, get people with the vaccine back in places, however it’s unfeasible isn’t it?

Assuming it came in to force when everyone had been offered it, a bouncer checking on a nightclub door is one thing, but what about your remote country pub run by Sandra? How is she going to enforce it?
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Post by KROJim »

I think it's a real tough one.

I said from day one, how can you enforce vaccination passports for a vaccine that is not mandatory?

Essentially, if you want a normal every day life soon enough or as close as, you need the vaccine.

For me it is a no brainer, I'll be vaccinated, if not only to protect myself but to protect others aswell and loved ones. I dont quite see how anyone, especially now, wouldn't have it done. 20 plus million vaccinated and little to no evidence of significant issues due to the vaccine. I just hope common sense prevails. Media must take responsibility to communicate the right messages.

The EU I think in all this should be ashamed of itself. By no means should any vaccination programme become political. The result is now a case of mistrust in the EU. Its awful

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